Polly Dunning

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Before Oprah landed Down Under, Polly Dunning wrote to The Oprah Show about her students at the Canterbury Boys High School in Sydney's Inner West. When Oprah heard their story, she set out to give Polly and her students a surprise they'll never forget.

With hundreds of students gathered in the school's courtyard, Ms. Dunning reads her letter aloud for The Oprah Show cameras. "The boys come from a variety of cultures and nationalities with 90 percent from a non-English speaking background. Although they are all different, we all love hip-hop music, including Jay-Z," she says. "Jay-Z has let my students see that you can come from the bottom and reach the top."

As she reads, a special guest makes his surprise appearance...triple-platinum rapper Jay-Z!

Watch the Canterbury Boys High School greet their surprise guest. Watch