Kristian and Rachel Anderson

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Today, Kristian says he's hopeful. "I just had a pretty heavy dose of radiation, and the doctors are really happy with how it's going so far," he says.

So that Kristian is able to focus every ounce of energy he has on getting well, and Rachel can focus on her family, Oprah wants to give Rachel some time off from work.

"Kristian , don't worry about the bills," Oprah says. "And the reason you shouldn't worry about the bills is because you will be getting, as of today, a check for a quarter of a million dollars."

Watch Oprah give Kristian and Rachel their $250,000 suprise! Watch  

Xbox Australia helped make this $250,000 check possible and wants to make sure the Anderson's have a year filled with fun family memories, so they're also setting the family up with a Kinect for Xbox 360.