It was the ultimate girls' getaway! Oprah and Gayle joined 60 women to learn to put themselves first in five life-changing days of challenges, breakthroughs and a few laughs!

Oprah and Gayle.   Girls' Getaway
Share the triumphs, the tears and the breakthroughs!
Dr. Oz   Advice from the Experts 
Dr. Oz and Martha Beck help you live your best life.

Peanut butter banana.   To-Die-For Desserts
Get the recipes for sweets from the spa.
Oprah   Savory Bites 
Get the recipes for Miraval's most requested savory dishes.

Oprah and Gayle.   Arriving at Miraval
Meet the warrior women who attended the ultimate getaway.
Dr. Oz   Horse Therapy 
Horses help women reclaim their power.

Oprah on the scale.   Weigh In
Watch Oprah and Gayle step on the scale
Oprah   Get Flat Abs 
Watch Gayle learn to do a crunch correctly.


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