Nate used Benjamin Moore paint colors throughout Bernadette's dream home. The brilliant colors are a flat finish, which helps hide surface textures and are completely washable! Find your favorite color:

Concord Ivory #HC12
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Hallway up the stairs and into the boys' room
Cork #2153-40
  • Kitchen
  • Hall leading to kitchen
Pastel Pink #2007-60
  • Middle girls' room
Potpourri Green #2029-50
  • Girls' room in the front of the house
Montgomery White #E76
  • Basement
  • Bernadette's room
  • Bernadette's mother's room
Violet Pearl #1451
  • First-floor bathroom
Toasted Chestnut #2174-10
  • Entryway


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