Claudia's studio apartment makeover

In his first Oprah Show makeover, Nate turned this 319-square-foot studio into a beautiful and innovative home with space to spare.
Molly's bedroom


When Nate redecorated 12-year-old Molly's room, she was looking for a more mature décor to usher in her teen years. Nate created a sophisticated but still feminine space for Molly to call her own.
Phil and Sharon Rybarczyk's makeover

Nate turned Phil and Sharon's disaster master bedroom into this sleek and modern space.
Hilary's apartment

Since Nate made over Hilary's apartment, she says she never moves a thing. "Everything's like a crime scene," she says. "It practically has a chalk line around it!"
Tracie and Craig's master bedroom

Traci and Craig say they still love the master bedroom makeover Nate gave them. Craig says he especially loves his shaggy rug!
The Browns' kitchen

The Brown family had a true 1960s kitchen, complete with the original cabinats and countertops, until Nate came to the rescue. Working at his typical warp speed, Nate brought the 45-year-old kitchen into the 21st century.
Couch family home

The Couch family was drowning in country clutter, dried flowers, ducks and crochet. Nate's drastic renovation turned the girly interior into a modern masterpiece.
Davenports outdoor yard

Nate reinvented the Davenports' yawn of a yard into a fully functioning outdoor room.

Just a few changes—a paint job, craft paper behind the bookshelves for accent color and an inexpensive couch cover—breathed new life into a bland and unfinished living room.
Sarah and Jim's study

Nate streamlined Sarah and Jim's study by using Velcro drapery panel to turn open shelving into closed storage, adding a glass-door chest and giving a pop of color with burnt caramel paint.
Lois' den

Before Nate came along, this overstuffed den needed a serious makeunder. With a little rearranging, Nate was able to use most of Lois' own furniture to turn her cluttered space into a calming one.