Michael Kors

Jada Pinkett-Smith, Charlize Theron, Sarah Jessica Parker, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Debra Messing and Jessica Simpson all adore Michael Kors' red carpet creations. Here's what's really big: now you can get the Michael Kors look for a lot less with his new affordable line called MICHAEL Michael Kors.

What are the big fashion trends? Michael says, trench coats, "a return to feeling polished and dressed up, even if you're wearing jeans," and pink, pink, pink!

Enjoy this exclusive fashion show, including outfits you didn't see on the Oprah show!
MICHAEL by Michael Kors zebra trench coat

Michael Kors designed this cotton, zebra-print trench coat for Céline Dion. Originally over $2,000, the MICHAEL Michael Kors line version is only $199.
MICHAEL Michael Kors his and hers jackets

For all the NASCAR fans out there, these little graphic jackets are just the thing! Her brown and white jacket has subtle shoulder pads. His outfit is completely polished and comfortable with MICHAEL cargo pants.
MICHAEL Michael Kors winter white outfit

Michael Kors says, "The rules are all different now. White after Labor Day is the coolest thing to wear!"

"Love it," says Oprah. "Love the winter white. Love the bag. Love the scarf. Love the vest. Love it!"
MICHAEL Michael Kors cashmere argyle sweater and pink pinstripe pant

"There's a lot of play on the classics this season, but a little twisted," says Michael Kors. "I love this cashmere argyle. She's wearing pinstripe pants, but they're pink. And the hottest bag this season. It's all about that chain handle."
MICHAEL Michael Kors pink suede coat

Michael originally made this pink suede coat for Madonna. "Don't wear it in the rain," he cautions.

Michael says he loves pink on everyone—even men! "I don't know anyone in the world who doesn't look good in pink! On every complexion. On every coloring. You put on a little pink.... I love it for a guy. It's great."

Inside this man's jacket is a pink lining!
MICHAEL Michael Kors casual pink satin and cashmere evening outfit

Look great and stay comfortable at night in this sexy satin skirt, cashmere T-shirt and the must-have handbag in silver.
MICHAEL Michael Kors little black dress and updated suit

She's wearing the "perfect" little black dress—it's knit!

And he's wearing an alternative to the traditional black suit.
MICHAEL Michael Kors zebra top and black zipper pants

Michael says pay close attention to this outfit. "It's a sexy top that's still really very flattering and easy to wear," says Michael. "Look, the little zebra top has gathering on the sides. So if you're feeling a little puffy that day, distribute the gathering accordingly. ... That is such a great pant. It's got the zipper at the right place. It's got voodoo. It makes you look longer, taller."

And the pants are lower in the front and higher in the back!
MICHAEL Michael Kors men's tweed overcoat and women's graphic sweater

"American clothes are all about function," says Michael. "So I love something that's sort of sexy and glamorous but still functional."

She's wearing a bold graphic sweater.

He's wearing a sexy tweed overcoat—this isn't your grandfather's overcoat!
Michael Kors' white ski sweater and black jeans

This next look is a little "Park Avenue punk," according to designer Michael Kors. "It's the whole idea that you can have something a little fast, a little racy. She's wearing this really cool ski sweater, a little Michael Kors up the sleeve gives you the graphic look. And this bag is so hot!"
MICHAEL Michael Kors his and hers cashmere silk graphic sweaters

Next up, his and her cashmere, silk, graphic sweaters. Hers is based on a jockey sweater.

"His sweater is a bit surprising," says Michael Kors. "His sweater is an 'M.' So for all the guys who are named Mark, Michael, Malcolm, this is totally your sweater."
MICHAEL Michael Kors modern motorcycle jacket and tweed coat

Here are two modern versions of two classic looks. Her coat is a lightweight, soft tweed.

And he's wearing a modern "Steve McQueen" motorcycle jacket.
A great look for a night out by Michael Kors

Here's another great look for a night out. Studs down the sleeve polish off her top and the biased skirt helps make any woman's behind look shapely.
MICHAEL Michael Kors black leather trench coat

"The trench thing is so important this season!" says Michael. "The idea is this sneaky little black leather trench over everything—jeans, an evening dress....
Michael Kors surprised the audience

Michael Kors gave our entire studio audience samples from his new MICHAEL Michael Kors line: a sweater, a men's shirt and tie, a watch, fragrance and the must-have handbag with chain strap. Thanks, Michael!