Dennis and Oprah in 1987

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In 1987, Oprah packed up the show and headed south to Forsyth County, Georgia, a place where not one black person had lived in 75 years.

Oprah called a town hall meeting to hear from the citizens, and one man named Dennis stood out. "I'm afraid of [blacks] coming to Forsyth County," he said to Oprah at the meeting. "I was born in Atlanta, and in 1963, the first blacks were bussed to West Fulton High School. I go down there now and I see my neighborhood and my community, which was a nice community, and now it's nothing but a rat-infested slum area because they don't care."

"You have blacks and you have 'niggers,'" Dennis said. "Black people don't want to cause any trouble. … A 'nigger' … wants to come up here and cause trouble all the time. That's the difference."