Gerald, Christine and their twin daughters, Nicole and Claire

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In 2006, Christine started a new chapter in her life when she married Gerald, a family judge. Then, less than a year later, they welcomed twin daughters, Nicole and Claire, into the world.

"It's living again," she says. "To just be by myself wasn't enough. It is children to live with, go forward with…[that's] a future."

Being a mother again has brought Christine both joy and pain. She says that when she reads her twins a book that was a favorite of one of her other children, she still gets very emotional. "But those were such good moments with my other children that it's good with them, too," she says.

Gerald describes his wife as a wonderful, generous woman who has wounds that will never completely heal. "I think we lead a normal life," he says. "The other children will always be there, but we're moving ahead with the new ones, too."

When Oprah was in Christine's home, she says she noticed that the refrigerator was still covered with photos of Melanie, Stuart, Stanley and Michelle. Christine says she'll soon make room for pictures of Nicole and Claire, too.

"I want these girls to have their own life," she says. "They don't need to live under a cloud or feel that those other children were perfect and something they can't live up to. I want them to be themselves."