Christine started a scholarship fund to honor her children.

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Three years after meeting Christine, Oprah traveled to her California home to interview her for the May 2007 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. She learned that a lot has happened since that tragic day in 2002.

To honor her four children, Christine started the MSSM (for Melanie, Stanley, Stuart and Michelle) Friendship Scholarship Foundation, which has already awarded 19 undergraduate scholarships. This scholarship isn't awarded to straight-A students. All teens need to do to qualify is be a good friend.

Students interested in applying must get a letter of recommendation from someone their own age who can attest to their friendship skills.

"When I came upon the idea for the friendship scholarship, [I] was trying to draw on something that all children could have in common, not any one thing that one of my four children might have done best," she says. "I wanted to honor all of them, and they had an incredible number of friends."