Jen Arnold and Bill Klein are also taking reality TV by storm as the newlywed stars of TLC's Little People: Just Married and The Little Couple.

Jen and Bill say their parents never treated them like they were different as they grew up. "My parents expected me to do chores and to do everything else like any other child would," Jen says.

Showing that little people also have big dreams, Jen thrived in school and went on to become a successful pediatrician. Bill, a New York native, started a lucrative sales and telemarketing firm.

In 2006, the pair met on a dating website and hit it off. They planned a dream wedding—complete with a custom designer wedding gown for Jen—and a honeymoon in paradise. When they returned, TV producers came calling.

"The best part was the opportunity to bring awareness and, hopefully, break down barriers," Jen says. "In my job as a pediatrician, I was hoping that other parents could see that their child may be born with a disability or dwarfism or something and know that their lives can be great. ... They can find love and live happily ever after."


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