Around the time of the 20th anniversary of the Jonestown massacre, Jim returned with his three sons. "I wanted them to walk the ground of Jonestown to understand what it is to stand in Jonestown. I knew they would have their own impression and would hear their own stories of Jonestown, but I wanted to give them a foundation of what kind of world was trying to be created there," he says.

The one remnant of Jonestown that Jim found when he was back there was the vat that held the poisonous drink that killed so many. He says he has often wondered if he would have ingested the drink if he'd been there that day. "When I look at my wife, my mother, my family who ingested [it], I cannot say I wouldn't have," he says. "Out of respect for what they did."

Jim says he shared his past with his children by telling them the good stories about their grandfather. "Stories of playing ball together, or different trips we went on," he says. "So they have a foundation of just hearing about grandpa Jim. "


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