Mary Winkler describes the scam she and her husband were duped by.

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In court, Mary Winkler was questioned about a statement she gave to police the night of her arrest. She said she and Matthew had argued about money the day before the shooting.

Prosecutors say Mary Winkler, who was the family bookkeeper, made 16 bank transfers by telephone in the days leading up to her husband's death. They say she had been caught up in a money scam and was trying to hide it from her husband.

Mary Winkler says she and Matthew didn't realize it was a scam and that he knew about the money involved. "I signed every check, wrote every bill, but he told me where to put it and where everything went. I didn't do anything without him telling me," she says. "He was involved [in the scam], too. I mean, I never did anything alone. I never did anything without him telling me to."

Mary Winkler says the loss of that money had nothing to do with the shooting. "Oh no, we've been in financial dire straits many times," she says.