Mary Jo Buttafuoco

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Just as Amy was given the opportunity to address Mary Jo, Mary Jo wants to ask a question of Amy. "It's basically what I've always asked: 'Why?' And don't tell me because Joey made you do it. Come on, you're 31 years old."

After struggling through a very difficult physical recovery, Mary Jo says she had to go through an equally difficult emotional recovery. In her time spent in therapy, she says she came to some understanding about what Amy's motivations could possibly have been. "I believe that there was a rage inside of her."

"When I started getting counseling I was like: Why would someone do this to me? I'm a nice person. Why would somebody try to kill me? And we talked about families. My family and my parents and her upbringing versus my upbringing."

Mary Jo says she believes that she and Joey represented both mother and father figures to Amy as she tried to replace the negatives in her life. "Somehow this got misdirected so that she could come to my house and do what she did. It was more an inner rage at a mother figure, and I was a mother figure. It wasn't so personal."