Sugared fruits centerpiece

Sugared Fruits Centerpiece
Create a sparkling centerpiece with items you already have in your kitchen—your favorite fruit, sugar and egg whites. Martha loves using Clementine oranges, limes, pears, kumquats, pomegranates and lady apples.

To start, put egg whites in a small bowl and beat them up a little. Brush your fruit of choice with the egg white, then sprinkle superfine sugar over the fruit. If you miss a spot, just brush the fruit again and sprinkle away!
Tiered Fruit Centerpiece

If sugar-free is more your style, feel free to use plain fruit—and get Martha's tip for making your display sky-high. Take footed glass pedestals (or cake stands) of varying sizes, and stack them on top of one another. Place two small pieces of floral tape on the bottom of each stacked piece to ensure they won't move.

Once your base is set, stack an assortment of fruit, pinecones, leaves or nuts to create this edible centerpiece. "If you wish, dress it up with little ribbons coming down it," Martha says.
Holiday mantle

Mesmerizing Mantles
When it comes to the hearth, Martha loves to bring the outdoors in—especially fragrant greens. Display buckets of evergreen clippings from your yard around your fireplace. "These are just the tips of an evergreen tree, which needed pruning anyway, so you're not hurting anything."

To create a dramatic wall fixture, Martha says she simply covered chicken wire with moss and hung a wreath for contrast.

For Santa's stockings, Martha recommends hanging clips underneath the opening of your fireplace. "You don't hurt the good wood," she says. "You'll never see a tiny hole, and if you worry, you just fill the hole with a little bit of wax after you take the things off."

And put away the tchotchkes! Instead, line your mantle with moss nestled with pieces of fruit (Martha uses pomegranates) for a fresh, uncluttered look.

Globe lights

Globe Lights
Nothing sets a holiday mood better than twinkling lights in snow-dusted trees. Martha puts a twist on the old light display by wrapping vine circles (available at craft stores) with small white lights. String the pomanders together, drape them in your trees and light the way for holiday company.
Holly wreath

Holly Wreaths
Gather the family for a jolly holiday project—making a live holly wreath. "This stays green and fresh all during the holidays on your doors, on your tables, anywhere you want to put a wreath," she says. "And to make this is not that complicated."

Watch Martha's demonstration
Wire wreath

Wire Wreaths
Save your money for holiday shopping! Martha says you can make your own wire wreath at home.

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Personalized linens

Personalized Linens
Whether it's a tablecloth or a napkin, Martha says you can create custom linens for a fraction of the price.

To start, pick out a stencil to use on your linens. Spray the back of the stencil with adhesive, and place the stencil where you want the design to appear on the fabric. Then, take a paintbrush, dip it in Deka permanent fabric paint and dab at the open part of the stencil until covered. "[The paint] is water soluble, so if you make a mistake you can wash it really fast before it dries," Martha says.

When you're done painting, carefully remove the stencil and let your linens dry.

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