How to fold a fitted sheet

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet
It's the question that's plagued anyone with a bed for decades. Still, Martha says learning how to fold a fitted sheet shouldn't keep you up at night.

Watch this tutorial and get your linen closet in order!

Stock Up on "Lapkins"
"Lapkins"—napkins for your lap—are a hostess' best friend. "I don't like to use paper napkins very much unless I'm going to have really dark red barbecue," Martha says. "'Lapkins' are great because you can wrap your silverware in them for a picnic or a dinner. These are tea towels, which you can use to dry your dishes or cover your lap, and that's why I call them 'lapkins.'"
Soap decanter

Soap Up in Style
Plastic soap bottles from the store can be so unsightly—which is why Martha recommends keeping your soap in a beautiful glass bottle. Just add a spout that fits in the neck of the bottle to pour.

Not ready for a glass bottle by the sink? Try Martha Stewart Clean Soap, available at The Home Depot. The labels peel off the bottle to create a cleaner look for your counter.
How to tie a bow

How to Tie a Bow
No matter the occasion, a bow always fits the bill. All you need for the perfect look is one ribbon, two bunny ears and a little guidance from Martha.

Watch Martha's demonstration
Martha Stewart on how to fold a towel

How to Fold a Towel
Not sure what to give the person who has everything? Martha says towels make the perfect gift because everybody uses them—and you can never have enough. Whether you're giving them away or straightening your linen closet, follow these directions for folding:
  • Use a flat surface to lay the towel out lengthwise.
  • Fold the towel in thirds lengthwise. Make sure to keep the edges as even as possible.
  • Fold the towel in half lengthwise.
  • Fold the towel in half one last time.

Watch Martha's demonstration
How to hang pictures

How to Hang Pictures
You don't need a professional to create a display-worthy photo gallery. Martha shares a surprisingly simple way to hang the photos you treasure most and save your walls from too many unsightly nail holes.

  • Brown craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Low-tack adhesive tape
  • Hammer and nails
  • Cut pieces of brown paper to the size of the frames you'd like to hang.
  • Position the paper on your wall, using tape to secure your arrangement.
  • After making sure each paper is level, nail holes into the wall. Make sure the nails match up to where the hangers are positioned on the actual pictures.
  • Remove the paper and hang your pictures.
Turn your closet into a home office

Turn Your Closet into a Home Office
If you've ever longed for a proper home office but lacked a spare room, Martha may have the solution for you—clean out a closet!

Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Install sturdy, inexpensive shelving so you have a place for your computer, printer, software, books and supplies.
  • A sliding shelf mounted below the shelf holding your computer can double as a writing desk and keyboard tray.
  • Store pens, papers and other supplies in clearly labeled boxes on shelves above your computer.
  • If possible, use sliding closet doors that can "disappear" into your wall.
  • Line your closet doors or walls with cork board for a useful bulletin board.

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