Popcorn tree

Popcorn Tree
Popcorn balls are a great ornament option for kids because they can help create them. To start, make popcorn balls. You can use this recipe from MarthaStewart.com

Place the popcorn balls in cellophane bags and tie them with a piece of natural raffia, which you can find at floral supply stores. Hang the bags of cellophane from the tree using the raffia. 

For an extra bit of elegance, drape the tree in wide green ribbon. A beautiful bow makes your tree look like a present in itself.
Cookie Christmas tree

Chocolate Chip Cookie Christmas Tree
A couple of weeks before Christmas, make cookies of your choice. Use a lot of brown sugar and butter so that they get a beautiful dark color. 

Carve a hole in the cookies while they are still warm out of the oven. Store them in airtight containers and freeze.

A day before Christmas, take copper gauze ribbon, string it through the holes and hang them from the tree with wire. You'll have an entirely edible tree!
Gingerbread cookie Christmas tree

Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Tree
Martha likes gingerbread cookies on a Christmas tree because the combined fragrances give your home all the smells of the season.
Make gingerbread cookies using large animal cookie cutters. While they're still warm, poke holes in the cookies. Brush them with white icing and sprinkle with dragées, available in any cake decorating store.

Hang the cookies from the tree with string. For added decoration, drape the tree in silver ribbon, hang silver ball ornaments and string it with little white lights. This combination will give your tree a clean and classy look.
Seed pod Christmas tree

Seed Pod Christmas Tree
The decorations for this tree can come entirely from your landscape. No lights required!

Let some of the flowers in your garden go to seed—after the flowers have bloomed, let what's left continue to ripen. Take the remaining seed pods and glue them onto Styrofoam balls to make large ornaments. 

Then, buy a few hundred rosebuds from your local florist. Using a strong needle and thread, string the rosebuds together to make a rose garland. You can do the same thing with small pinecones or acorns, but you may need to use a drill press to make the holes.

The rosebuds will add a beautiful a pop of color to your tree, while acorns and pinecones will give it that classic wintery feel.
Old-fashioned Christmas tree

Old-Fashioned Christmas Tree
There's no shame in taking the traditional route with your holiday décor, and nothing says Christmas like brightly colored lights and red ribbon.

Hang little birds and small plastic fruits on the tree (both can be purchased in a floral supply store), along with big, colorful lights. Buy simulated French wire ribbon to save money, and wrap it around the tree for some old-fashioned flavor.

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