From folding fitted sheets to throwing the perfect party, there's no homemaking problem Martha Stewart can't solve. She's cooked, cleaned and crafted her way to becoming the queen of fine living—and inspired women everywhere to embrace their inner domestic divas.

Martha's appetite for the finer things started developing at age 3, making cookies with her mother. From there, Martha grew up to be a triple threat—beautiful, smart and talented. She earned a scholarship to Barnard College, pursued modeling and had a career on Wall Street.

Still, it was her passion for gourmet cooking, gardening and entertaining that led her to become a successful caterer. In 1982, Martha's first book, Entertaining, became an overnight sensation. By 1999, Martha was running her own multibillion-dollar company.

In 2004, however, Martha's world came crashing down. After a highly publicized trial, Martha was found guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and lying to federal investigators about a stock sale. She spent five months in federal prison and another six months under house arrest.

Five years later—with more than 600 employees standing behind her—Martha stands stronger than ever. She's added 7,000 new products to her name, published her 71st book, runs four magazines and now has four new television shows on the Hallmark Channel.

Now, Oprah and Martha are reuniting for one final discussion about life in prison, picking up the pieces and why no one should feel intimidated to have Martha over for dinner.


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