Patrick and Kevin say they began using drugs to numb the pain. Then, they say they became dependent on their abuser because he gave them money after sexually molesting them.

"He was getting us out of class; we were getting money at age 13, 14—$20, that's a lot of money to a young person," Kevin says. "He kind of shut us up after that. ... We were liking the money coming in."
"Do you see now, though, how that was all a part of the manipulation?" Oprah asks.

"Absolutely," Patrick says.

The twins didn't have jobs, but their parents noticed they always had money to buy nice clothes and jewelry, which raised suspicions. To find out what was going on, Patrick says his parents tapped the home phone line and recorded conversations between the boys and the priest.

That's when Patrick and Kevin's mother and father finally discovered the truth.


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