With tears in his eyes, Patrick says he remembers being forced to watch the priest sexually torture his twin brother. "I could see the fear on his face, the pain, the anguish. That struck a chord with me, and I said to myself, 'I would always be the one to go first,'" he says. "I was watching him spank my brother, bend him over his knee, hit him with a paddle and penetrate him with his candle."

Patrick says the priest knew their biggest weakness—their love for each other—and he gave them a choice. "I think, in his mind, he said: 'Well, I can get off either one of two ways. Either I can do it to them or they can do it to each other,'" Patrick says. "He knew that we didn't want it done from him, so 90 percent of the time we would choose each other."

This wasn't the worst part of the twins' 13 years of hell. One time, Patrick says other priests joined in and gang raped him and Kevin, duct taping their mouths and hands, and penetrating them. "I can remember smelling alcohol on their breath," Patrick says. "[They] held us against our will."


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