Philanthropist Malaak Compton-Rock (wife of comedian Chris Rock) says if you're going to give a gift, you might as well choose one that gives back. Check out some of her favorite no-guilt purchases. 
Laga Handbags: Made by women who survived the tsunami in Indonesia, these bags range from all-day purses to small wallets. The artisans make more than a fair wage, and the company provides food and housing for the workers.

Divine Chocolate: The Ghanaian farmers who work on the cocoa farms to make this delicious chocolate not only get a fair wage, they also own 45 percent of the company they work for.  "The white chocolate is to die for," Malaak says.  A six-bar gift pack is $22.49.

UNICEF Greeting Cards: If you're looking to buy a birthday or thank-you card, why not buy it from an organization that provides children with healthcare, clean water, nutrition, education, emergency relief and more?

(RED) Products: "(RED) is in the business of making money to donate to the Global Fund, which eradicates AIDS in Africa," Malaak says. "Thirty-six hundred people are still dying every day on the continent of Africa, and they're dying because they don't have medicine, so when you buy a (RED) product, you are helping to fund the Global Fund in order to give people who need it medicine."

(RED) Starbucks Coffee and Gift Cards: For every bag of Starbucks(RED) coffee you buy, which costs the same as a regular bag of Starbucks coffee, $1 goes to the Global Fund. Every time you swipe a Starbucks(RED) card, 5 cents goes directly to the Global Fund.

(RED) Dell Mini: When you buy this lightweight laptop, $5 goes directly to the Global Fund.


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