Oprah's Bra and Jean Intervention

Oprah's Bra and Jean Intervention
Oprah thought she looked pretty cute in her old jeans...until Stacy London, host of TLC's What Not to Wear, came along. Stacy, an expert who has seen more "mom jeans" than she can count, says Oprah's old stonewashed jeans were all wrong for her.

After only seven attempts, Oprah finds her perfect fit in a pair of AG "Club" jeans! "I love these [jeans] because the crease helps to lengthen," Oprah says. "And even with the cut it's not so low that when you sit, it rises down and you see your crack—that's very important to me."

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How to Look Great at Every Age

How to Look Great at Every Age
Style experts Stacy, Lloyd Boston and Charla Krupp took on a fashion challenge for the show How to Look Great at Every Age. Their mission? Make over women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond with trend-conscious outfits that are age-appropriate.

They hit a home run with Cenell, whose wardrobe staples consisted of baggy sweats, tired jeans and old-fashioned dresses.

To get this 30-something mom back in style, Lloyd took her out of her sweats and into a metallic party dress that show off her knockout figure. "She looks like she's in her 20s now!" Lloyd says.

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How to get your sexy back makeovers

How to Get Your Sexy Back Makeovers
Have your kids, job and busy life taken over? Is looking sexy no longer a priority?

This was the case for 55-year-old Barbara. When she gets up in the morning, Barbara knows exactly what she's going to wear—the khaki shirt, green pants, tan hat and steel-toed boots of a park ranger. "As unsexy as this uniform is blah and frumpy—that's kind of how I feel about myself," she says. "Blah, frumpy and definitely unsexy."

Barbara says it's not only the uniform that keeps her from feeling sexy. "Menopause damaged the physical vision I have of myself. I don't look the same. I don't feel the same," she says. "Maybe I've given up a little bit. Maybe that's how I lost my sexy."

After our style team transformed her into a true showstopper, how does Barbara feel? "Smokin'!" she says.

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Jason after makeover

Oprah! Make Over My Man!
Attention, men of America: Tim Gunn is here to purge your closet of pleated pants, dad jeans and high-school sweatshirts.

When Tim's makeover team met Jason at a local hardware store, they stopped dead in their tracks. Underneath those baggy, hole-filled overalls is a makeover dream. "To be honest, I thought, 'This is a Halloween costume,'" Tim says.

With his long, bleached goatee, tattered cowboy hat and oversize clothes, Jason has fallen victim to what Tim says is a comfort trap. "I call it the 'slobification' of America," he says. "And we must stop

With a little help, Tim transformed Jason from "farmer in the dell" to Kenny Chesney. Jason says he feels fantastic. "You wouldn't believe the looks I always got," he says.

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Liz and Vanessa before

Makeunders: How'd You Get That Way?
When it comes to beauty, the adage "like mother, like daughter" usually rings true. While most girls learn to use mascara and moisturizer from their moms, Vanessa, a 16-year-old from Illinois, learned that and more from her mother, Liz.

Every week, Liz says she and Vanessa devote 20 to 25 hours on maintaining their over-the-top looks. "The hair takes about an hour itself, maybe longer," Vanessa says. "It depends on how big I'm going
to go for that day."

With Carson's help, Liz and Vanessa now look less Addams Family and more like their true selves. Carson took their hair down a few notches and applied makeup subtly to enhance—not hide—their features.

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Shlumpadinka Makeovers

Shlumpadinka Makeovers
Do you run errands in your pajamas? Are your husband's sweats a staple in your wardrobe? If the answer is yes, you may be a shlumpadinka.

Lee is a mother of three whose wardrobe of frayed jeans, sneakers and hooded sweatshirts needed a lift.

To transform Lee, stylist Lloyd paired black leather boots with a little black dress and leggings from Gap.

"[The] empire waist brings the attention to her smallest point right beneath her bust line, so she looks younger, hipper and sexier," Lloyd says. "She can go right out."

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Eric's hair makeover

Oprah's Great American Haircut
During Oprah's Great American Haircut, our team of stylists cut, curled and colored their way through 100 heads of hair. Of all the clients, only one was a man.

Eric became a makeover candidate after doing some work on the home of Jill, an Oprah Show producer. For three years, he has been living underneath layers and layers of hair. "He's like a caveman," Jill says. "I can so envision him beneath it all, how he's going to look."

All that hair made for a very hot summer—but now he's all cooled off! "Walking around yesterday, my face felt like it had an air conditioner on it constantly," Eric says.

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