George Stephanopoulos

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No matter what your politics, George thinks the 2008 election will be the most historic of our lives. "I think this has the potential to at least be on par with the election of Lincoln in 1860, the election of Franklin Roosevelt in 1932, Ronald Reagan in 1980," he says.

There are two fascinating facts about the voting in this election, George says. The first fact is that young voters turned out in record numbers for Obama. "But the question is, will they vote in the next election?" he says. Second, George says the number of minority voters went up significantly. "Just in 1976, 90 percent of voters in this country were white. In Tuesday's election, that was down to 74 percent." While George thinks those numbers will continue to change, he thinks it will always come back to this election. "I really think we are moving beyond race as a defining factor, but of course, everyone is always going to remember that Barack Obama broke through that barrier."