Oprah and Sam Perry

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Once Oprah said she didn't know his name, an international manhunt started to find the man some called him "Oprah's hanky." One of his friends recognized him and wrote to Oprah.com.

"Mr. Man" is Sam Perry, a supporter of President-elect Obama's from California. "You were so kind to express concern over my jacket," he says. "This is the jacket, and you'll see there is no mascara."

Sam says his friends were amazed to see him on TV. "I heard you describe the evening as one that was so full of emotion that the crowd was vibrating with a quarter of a million people," he says. "What you may not have felt—or you may have—is that my cell phone right from the very beginning was vibrating with calls that came in from South Africa, that came in from Australia, Pakistan, India, all over the world, Denmark, London, 1,500 people from my home office in Silicon Valley...telling me that I was standing with you. As if I didn't know it!"