Oprah and Mr. Man watch President-elect Barack Obama in Grant Park.

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As billions watched President-elect Obama's acceptance speech in Grant Park, people around the globe—from Australia to Zimbabwe—had one lingering question: Who is that guy whose shoulder Oprah is leaning on?

"No, draped all over," Gayle jokes.

"Was I draped?" Oprah says.

"You were draped!" Mark says.

"I was like, 'That's not Stedman. Who is that?'" Ali says.

Oprah says Stedman was right behind her, but the crowd that night was packed in so closely that no one could move. "Stedman was right up against my butt. If I'd had my hands down, I would have been in this guy's butt," Oprah says. "And also, we were just feeling the love."

When she saw the picture in the newspaper of her and the person she'd dubbed "Mr. Man", Oprah says it was the first time she had actually seen him! Even though Oprah did ask if it was okay to put her arms on him, the crush of the crowd only allowed her to see the side and back of his face.