Gayle King, Mark Consuelos, Oprah and Ali Wentworth

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Gayle says President-elect Obama has a tough job head of him, but he knows it. "We have two wars, we have an energy crisis, we have a housing crisis, we have a financial crisis—and yet he still wants this job," she says.

"America needs to be patient with Barack," Ali says. "He has so much mop-up, and there isn't any money to do some of the things he wants to do. Be patient with this president."

As a minority, Mark says President-elect Obama's win changed his perception of what's possible. "There is no more excuse," he says. "We need to be better fathers, better citizens, better everything. It's not like we can't do it."

Oprah says she is inspired by the things to come under President-elect Obama's administration. "When we see those images of people dancing and hugging one other Tuesday night, not just in Grant Park but across the country and the world, we can be sure something meaningful and big, bigger than all of us, has happened."