Ali Wentworth

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One thing many viewers don't know about Ali is that she comes from a political family. Ali was born and raised in Washington, D.C., and her mother was the White House Social Secretary for Ronald Regan—so Ali saw Washington change firsthand as many administrations came and went. "When I was growing up, at a dinner party there would be Republicans, Democrats, journalists—there was a real exchange of ideas," she says. In recent years, however, Ali says she feels Washington has become polarized—until now. "I feel like with Barack coming to town you can feel it—there's a strong pulse in the city that people are going to come back together again."

George says the depolarization of Washington now falls on President-elect Obama's shoulders. "He's going to have to act on that," George says. "He did promise during the campaign that he wanted to reach out, not only beyond race but beyond parties as well; he wanted to reach out to Republicans and independents."