The public rarely heard from Lisa Marie until she found her own voice and shared it with the world. Lisa Marie's sound and look reveal a haunting resemblance to her legendary dad! In the songs featured on her new CD, Now What, Lisa Marie says she bares her soul.

Oprah: Do you always feel like you're being compared to your father or have you reached a place where you're comfortable; you can embrace it; you can use it to infuse your own life and not reject it, or not feel like, "Oh, people are always thinking about him when they're thinking about me?"

Lisa Marie: I think that that was a huge mountain to climb and ultimately, you know, there is going be some of that there, and I do embrace it. I understand that part of it.

Oprah: Are you still trying to say, "No, I have my own life. I have my own identity."

Lisa Marie: No, I'm trying to find a good balance between the two. It's not that I want to push that away. You can't do that.

Oprah: That is very smart on your part. The fact, first of all, you look like him! And that's a good thing. And that is a part of who you are.