Since 1983 women across the country have been tuning in to All My Children for Tad Martin. Played by Michael E. Knight, he first came on to the scene as "Tad the Cad," leaving a trail of broken hearts all over Pine Valley. Over the years, he has survived amnesia and a deathly plunge off a bridge.

Michael says he was a wallflower growing up, so playing a "cad" on TV was fun for him. "Women were a mystery to me, and to get [to play] Tad at'd be surprised how confident you get when women have to say 'yes' because it's in the script," he jokes.

These days, Michael's character is more of a family man—having married his soul mate, Dixie, three times now. Michael says he had a hand in how his character has changed throughout the years. "When Tad started, you saw the Lothario thing. He was sort of a villain, and I didn't feel too good about it. So Jackie Babbin, the producer at the time, said, 'What would you do to it?' And I said, 'Can I make him funny?' And I think it's one of those things that's kept him around, because you can always rely on him to look at it from a different direction."


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