So how much weight did Jennifer lose? At first, she hesitates to reveal a number. "I don't really like to count pounds," she says. "I look at it by age. I feel like I gained 10 years of my life back."

"So you're not going to say the number?" Oprah asks.

Jennifer's Weight Watchers leader, Liz, explains: "People get wrapped up in the pounds. ... The message is: You've got to find what feels good for you. Who cares about the number?"

"We do!" Oprah says. "This is the thing: I understand because I understand the shame of having a heavy number. I've been as high as 237, at the doctor's office lying that I was 230, like those seven pounds made a difference. So, I know that part. But once you've [lost the weight], it's a victory."

"I really want to tell it," Jennifer says. "I've lost...80 pounds!"


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