Sha and Oprah

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One night, 17-year-old Laura went to a party and never came home. After days of searching, it seemed that Laura and her car had vanished into thin air. Although they were just acquaintances, classmate Beth Ann was shaken by Laura's disappearance. Seven days after Laura had been reported missing, Beth Ann showed her mother, Sha, a photograph of Laura.

Sha had never met Laura, but later that night, she had a series of vivid and perplexing dreams. "I had a dream about an intersection, " Sha says. "I knew exactly where it was. Which is strange because I had not been there in six to eight months." She went back to sleep and had the same dream two more times.

Then there was a fourth dream. The little rabbit from Alice in Wonderland told Sha, "Keep going, keep going, keep going."

Sha was bothered when she awoke. "All I could think about is the first three dreams and I sat there and …contemplated the whole concept and I decided that as a mother, there's no way that I can go through my day without going [to the intersection] to look," she says. "As crazy as it seems, there's a possibility that that child could be over there."