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The next day, Sha and Beth Ann jumped in their car and headed for the location in the dream. When they reached the intersection, they saw nothing. But as they were about to leave, Sha suggested taking a different road. "It was just like something came over my whole body," Sha says. "Just this warm feeling of this is the way that Laura went."

Sha and Beth Ann continued down the unfamiliar, zig-zagging road. "All of a sudden I feel something like my…steering wheel's being pulled to the left," Sha tells Beth Ann. "Almost like something on my whole left side is being pulled."

They stopped the car, and Sha climbed over a concrete wall into a steep and dangerous ravine. After searching and finding nothing, Sha recalled the dream's message: "Keep going."

"And as I'm looking up, I see these trees that have been capped out—just knocked off the tops," recalls Sha, who says it looked as if a car ran straight though.

Suddenly, something caught her eye. That something was a car, and miraculously, after eight days, Laura was inside the car critically injured but still alive.