The nurse who found Jennifer in her car passed away about 20 years ago. But today, Janet and Jennifer are meeting for the first time! Even though years passed, Janet says she never stopped thinking about the little baby she helped save.

Janet: As time went by I would think, "Well, now she's probably at the age where she's got to be going to high school," and "Maybe she's getting married or having a family." … I've always felt like I was kind of a mother to 'Janet Holly' because I helped her have a life even though I didn't give birth to her. I always hoped that she knew there was this whole group of people that rejoiced at her birth, and if there would be anything that I'd want her to know it's how important she was to all of us.

Jennifer: Even just looking at my adoption records I never thought we'd be able to find anybody, let alone that those people would still be around today so that I could thank them. … Thank you.