Jake with his new family

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Despite the inhumane conditions the dogs lived in before their rescue, Bill says they usually start to show signs of rehabilitation in about two weeks. The first indication they're coming around is when their tails start wagging, he says.

Bill says Main Line Animal Rescue has rescued approximately 7,000 to 8,000 animals—about 5,000 of those from puppy mills. Their mission is to ultimately place each rescued animal in a loving family, and they are remarkably successful. "We have one of the highest placement rates in the country," Bill says. "We place about 99 percent of the animals we take in because we have a really good trainer who comes and works with us. We actually have something called a 'shy dog' class where we do massage therapy on them and everything else. It's great."

After his rehabilitation, Jake (pictured above) is finally ready to go home with his new family.