Jack and Salina

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When Jillian received a donation in Oprah's name, she says the decision to rescue Salina was easy. "I knew she liked cocker spaniels. I went down to South Los Angeles Shelter the following day. I saw Salina sitting in the back of a cage, and on her cage card it said 'blind.' I knew I was leaving with that dog," Jillian says. "People are looking for puppies, young dogs, guard dogs. They're not looking for old and blind."

At the same time, a local man named Jack had just lost his beloved cocker spaniel, JoeRobbie. "When JoeRobbie passed away, the last thing I wanted to do was even think of getting another dog," Jack says. "But I saw the article for Lange Foundation. I went online, and one of them that popped up was Salina. She just seemed so helpless."

Salina had found her new home. "We all cross paths for a reason," Jack says.

Sadly, five weeks after Jack adopted Salina, she died of a stroke. Jack still wanted to help another animal and has recently adopted another cocker spaniel named Juno. "We wish you both much happiness," Oprah says.