Jillian Lange rescues the animals no one else will adopt.

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The Lange Foundation was founded in 1993 by Jillian Lange, a woman who turned her passion for animals into her life's work. At least twice a week, Jillian visits Los Angeles's animal shelters to rescue dogs and cats that are unlikely to be adopted. Her mission is to save as many animals as possible before their time runs out. "I know that saving one dog is not saving the world, but it sure makes a heck of a difference in that one dog's life," Jillian says.

During a typical day Jillian drives out to shelters and picks animals as she can—including dogs who have been disfigured or have expensive medical needs. "When I get in the car and leave here, all I do is think about the ones left behind," Jillian says.

After rescuing the animals, Jillian brings them to her no-kill shelter, which has placed 17,000-18,000 animals in loving homes over the years.