In 2010, these sister wives welcomed 30-year-old Robyn and her three children into the family...but not without some mixed emotions. Robyn was in a monogamous marriage for eight years before she divorced and decided she wanted to be part of a polygamist family.

When Kody and Meri met Robyn at a party, the two women hit it off. After that day, Robyn and Kody began talking and developed feelings for each other. Every other weekend for four months, Kody drove eight hours round-trip to spend time with Robyn.

"There was a couple times where I'm like, 'You really can't go,'" Christine says. "'You can't leave me. You can't leave your family. You are here. You are replacing your family with Robyn and her kids.'"

When Kody was courting Robyn, the sister wives definitely shared their opinions about her. "[If they didn't], it wouldn't make it tough—it would make it hell," Kody says. "They've got to love this individual as well."

Kody eventually proposed, and Robyn accepted.

The wives approved of the proposal, but the addition of a fourth wife sparked jealousy issues for some. "I'm not going to lie—there are jealousy issues," Meri says. "Those are natural. Hopefully that's something that I can overcome."

Kody and Robyn's engagement upset Christine because she says they broke a fundamentalist Mormon rule. "I found out that Kody sealed the engagement with a kiss, and I freaked," she says. "We didn't kiss until over the altar. ... So, to me, the fact that he had kissed Robyn was devastating."


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