Kody Brown seems to have it all. He's a happily married father with a good job and a reality television series. If you saw him at a PTA meeting or in the produce aisle, you may never guess that Kody is also a polygamist. Instead of having one loving wife, he has four.

These women and their 16 children are starring alongside Kody on TLC's controversial series Sister Wives. "I like marriage," Kody says. "I'm a repeat offender."

Growing up, Kody was raised by monogamous Mormon parents, but when he was 21 years old, he says he converted to fundamental Mormonism. "I have adopted a faith that embraces that lifestyle," he says. "In fact, it recommends it and likes to reward good behavior. So if you're good with one marriage, they figure you'll be good with two. I hope they think I'll be good with four."

For the past 20 years, Kody has been legally married to his first wife, Meri. After they said "I do," Meri introduced her husband to Janelle, a woman who's lived as Kody's second wife for 17 years. Christine, Kody's third wife, has been part of the family for 16 years, and Robyn, his fourth wife, joined the family just five months ago.

"This is essentially, for lack of a better term ... spiritual relationship[s]," Kody says.


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