Janet Jackson

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Growing up, Janet says, she was closest to her brothers. "I was such a tomboy. ... They were always so good to me."

Now Janet says the sibling she's closest to changes from time to time. "It switches," she says. "It could be one person for several months and then another person for several months. I would say right now it's Jermaine."

Oprah wants to know—does Janet talk to Michael? "No, I haven't spoken to him," she says, "since the trial."

In June 2005, after a three and a half month child molestation trial, Michael Jackson was acquitted on all counts. Janet says the trial "took its toll on [her] entire family."

Michael is currently living in Bahrain, an island nation in the Persian Gulf, with his children Prince, Paris and Michael. "Do you worry about him?" Oprah asks. "He keeps in touch with Mother," Janet says, "so we know what's going on with him."