Janet Jackson and her father, Joe

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As the youngest child of the iconic Jackson family, Janet says her older siblings had it "much harder" than she did—but she says she, too, paid the price for being in show business at such a young age. "You miss out on a lot of your childhood," she says. "You have to grow up very, very quickly."

Janet's new CD, 20 Y.O., refers to the 20th anniversary of her breakout album, Control. It was also 20 years ago that she fired her father, Joe Jackson, as her manager.

Janet says her decision to take control of her career actually improved their relationship. "Our relationship has gotten better. That was one of the hardest things for me to do," she says, "And I cried profusely."

Janet says she can remember their talk as if it were yesterday. "My parents were in the upstairs den," she says. "I was still living at home. I told them that I needed to talk with them—Mother was in there as well—and I just let him know exactly how I felt, and that it was time for me to move on. He didn't take it very well."

"He was upset," she says, "but he didn't yell at me. ... "I think he [knew] it was inevitable."