Education is a key to change. When you educate one girl, she takes what she learns to her community—and when a community knows better, they do better. Plus, an extra year of primary and secondary school raises a girl's lifetime wages by as much as 25 percent. Find out how you can help improve the quality of life of girls everywhere.
Care textbooks$7: Textbooks
Help girls see a better world. You can provide a girl with a set of textbooks in subjects such as math, science, economics and history.

GlobalGiving$15: Lunch
Serves a nutritious noon meal to 50 girls in Burkina Faso. A noon meal—the only food they receive during the day—is essential to students' learning, as they have little or no breakfast and walk six kilometers in hot weather to and from school. The meal enhances students' capacity to learn.

Unicef notebooks$23.80: Notebooks and Pencils
Give something that can help the world's poorest children reach their potential. Your purchase will supply 50 notebooks and 50 pencils, which help form an essential part of a child's schooling. These simple tools enable children to write and draw—something we often take for granted.

Care school uniform$29: School Uniform
You can buy a school uniform so a girl can confidently enter school.

GlobalGiving sanitary pads$30: Sanitary Pads
Buys locally produced eco-friendly sanitary pads for a girl in Uganda for one year, ensuring she can stay in school. Many rural Ugandan girls drop out of school at puberty because of a lack of sanitary pads, teen pregnancy and early marriage.

Unicef$31.25: Soccer Balls
Children love sports. That's as true in this country as it is in the developing world. Your purchase will provide a durable leather soccer ball and pump for children living in refugee camps. Play brings children together and helps teach teamwork. What greater gift is there?

Care year of school$49: One School Year
Start a girl on the journey of a lifetime. You can send a girl to school for one year. Studies have shown that even one year of education beyond the average boosts girls' eventual wages by 10 to 20 percent.

Unicef bicycle$57.50: Bicycle
In many parts of the world, bicycles can provide safety and make education possible. Distance is often a major obstacle to girls' attendance at school. And, instead of walking on foot for hours, bicycles help kids travel long distances from home to school.

Unicef school in a box kit$230.25: School-in-a-Box Kit
Help set up a temporary school for at least 40 children during times of emergency and give them the chance to continue their education during the most extreme crises.
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