She's starred in 63 films, but it's Shirley's real life that may make the best screenplay. She's written 11 books selling more than 20 million copies, many of them detailing her outspoken beliefs about UFOs and reincarnation.

"She's been criticized a lot, but I think she has been so misunderstood," Oprah says. "[She is] one of my greatest teachers."

Hear what Shirley has to say about the criticism she's received through the years 

Now, at 76, Shirley has written a 12th book—I'm Over All That—a no-holds-barred work filled with the issues that Shirley is "over" and how these things have played out in her life. "I think it's one of your best ones," Oprah says to Shirley.

Watch Shirley talk about being over "sex-capades" and what sex means to her now 


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