Sarah Jessica Parker on her happiness

For Emmy-winning actress Sarah Jessica Parker, life after Sex and the City is sweet. She co-stars with Matthew McConaughey in the romantic comedy, Failure to Launch , and has more movies in the works. She's also been taking time to smell the roses with her son, James Wilke, who was born in October 2002, and her husband, actor Matthew Broderick. "It's the happiest time of my life, to walk through our city and be with my son and have him approach school excited," she says.
Sarah Jessica Parker on having more children

When asked if Sarah Jessica Parker plans on having more babies, she answers with a resounding "yes!"

"When James Wilke came out … I said, 'Oh my gosh, it's a boy!' The first thing I said after that was, 'I can't wait to do this again!"
Sarah Jessica Parker on turning 40

Sarah Jessica's 40th started off with a big bash husband Matthew Broderick threw for her at New York's Plaza Hotel. But now Sarah Jessica's noticing little reminders of her age: "I ran down the street the other day," says Sarah Jessica. "It's fine. I've run in heels for seven years—you've all seen me do it—and I woke in absolute pain. I tore a tendon and I didn't even know it!"

But it's the changes on the inside that Sarah Jessica says she notices the most. "I really think that the substantial things really reveal themselves much more clearly now," she says. "Really what is important to me … is my family and my friends. And my family and my friends are the family that I choose."

You could call Sarah Jessica and Oprah sole mates—they share the same passion for shoes. And what girl wouldn't appreciate a navy blue heel or a pretty pink pair like these that Sarah Jessica found for Oprah at Nordstroms?
Sarah Jessica Parker and Lovely

In September 2005, Sarah Jessica launched a signature perfume named Lovely, something she says she's been dreaming of doing for years. "This was a girly dream," she says, "but actually completely real in my brain." She says her mother's love of perfume rubbed off on her as a young girl. "I remember hugging her before she'd go out in the evening and smelling her," she recalls. "Scent is such a big part of our lives and it creates so much nostalgia."

From formulating the perfect scent, to designing the perfect bottle, Sarah Jessica took the task of creating Lovely very seriously. "Not only is it an art form … it's an enormous industry, and that is daunting enough," says Parker.

Oprah says she's a fan of "the perfume with social skills," as Sarah Jessica calls it. "For me, who doesn't wear fragrance, to say, 'I will wear this.' That's a big deal!"
Sarah Jessica Parker at the MoMA

Sarah Jessica Parker shared some of her favorite spots in Manhattan. First stop: the Museum of Modern Art. Touring the galleries, Sarah Jessica pointed out just a few of the highlights.

"Van Gogh's 'Starry Night,' which was one of my son's favorite paintings…Gaugin's incredibly beautiful painting … A room solely dedicated to Matisse. This is one of my favorite places in the world to be."
Sarah Jessica Parker at Prime Burger

For the best burger in New York City, Sarah Jessica Parker says Prime Burger, a restaurant and coffee shop, can't be beat. And when was the last time you saw a restaurant with individual seatings?

Sarah Jessica says, "When I was pregnant, I got a burger and chili."

"The lady packed it in," jokes Parker's friend, Andrew Cohen. "You know who can put away some burgers at the Prime Burger? Mr. Matthew Broderick."
Sarah Jessica Parker in Chinatown

Sarah Jessica Parker heads to the heart of Chinatown to share some of her favorite places to bargain shop and eat.

Shanghai Garden is one of Sarah Jessica's favorite restaurants, for their "unbelievable crab and pork dumplings and pork chops."

Next, Sarah Jessica takes us to a store on Broadway called Pearl River Mart. "One of my favorite things about this store is all these unbelievable dishes," says Parker. "There are soy sauce plates, there are rice bowls. There are bigger bowls for soups and noodles. Beautiful tea pots."
Orlando Bloom on his new movie 'Elizabethtown.'

When Orlando Bloom hits the red carpet, the crowd goes crazy. With a string of blockbuster movies—Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean and Troy, Orlando's fans have plenty to cheer about. In the film, Elizabethtown, he takes on his first role as a leading man in a romantic comedy. Orlando plays a young man who undergoes a major life transformation when he goes home to bury his father and unexpectedly falls in love with a quirky flight attendant played by Kirsten Dunst.

"It's a movie about a guy," Orlando says, "who loses everything—and in losing everything, he realizes that what life is about is much more than the momentary happiness you get from career success [and] financial success. What life is really about is about family, friends and love."

Orlando credits his family with developing his sensitive side, especially when it comes to his relationships with women. "I had two very strong women bring me up," Orlando says, "my mother and my sister, really. My dad … wasn't living under the same roof, so I had two really strong women kind of show me the ropes in terms of life—and how they were kind of treated by men and how they survived and got through life."
Orlando Bloom talks about his mentor, Johnny Depp.

Orlando says that Johnny Depp, with whom he worked in Pirates of the Caribbean, has been a valuable mentor to him, on and off the set. "I have such respect for Johnny," Orlando says. "… He's such a gentleman; he's got such integrity. … He just has a wisdom about him. … He really holds himself very well. He's a real gentleman. He opens doors for everyone. He's always polite and courteous to everyone on set and he's super conscious of safety and aware of all of that stuff so that nobody ever gets hurt or injured on set. He's really aware of everyone around him—and I think awareness of people around us is hugely important."

Orlando got to spend a lot of time in Louisville, Kentucky, while filming Elizabethtown, and now he's sharing his favorite off-the-beaten-path places there.
Orlando Bloom enjoys a mint julep.

Orlando says you can't go to Louisville without visiting Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. The race's traditional beverage is the mint julep .
Orlando Bloom in Ear X-Stacy

Orlando's favorite music store in Louisville is Ear X-Tacy. "There's something about going through an old music store and finding old albums and records," Orlando says. "It's an experience."
Orlando Bloom chows down on a Wagner burger.

It's time to eat, and Orlando is taking us to his favorite restaurant in Louisville. "Wagner's is an institution," Orlando says. "Jockeys, riders—they've all been coming here for burgers and fries. … This is just good solid food that we all need to chow down on every now and again."
Orlando Bloom picks out collars for Oprah's puppies.

When Orlando wanted to buy a memento to remember his time in Louisville, he headed to The Leatherhead, a leather goods store. "I went in to buy dog leashes and collars," Orlando says, "and I ended up buying shoes and shirts and jackets and all sorts of crazy stuff." Orlando even picked up a gift for Oprah—handmade collars and leashes for her new golden retriever puppies!
Orlando Bloom surprises Jessica (left).

In October 2005, Louisville took in thousands of homeless families devastated by Hurricane Katrina . Fifteen-year-old Jessica and her family escaped to Louisville just hours before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. The deadly waters swallowed everything they own, including Jessica's beloved Lord of the Rings collection.

Orlando surprises Jessica and her sister with two $5,000 Guess gift vouchers and Lord of the Rings goodie bags. Orlando also invites the girls to the premiere of Elizabethtown , and they ecstatically accept. "This is actually our first time going anywhere in Louisville other than the American Red Cross!" says Anne, Jessica's sister.
Matthew Fox

Known for his rugged good looks, Matthew Fox starred in the popular series Party of Five in the '90s. Now age 39, this cool castaway is a husband, a father of two, and one of television's sexiest survivors. Millions of viewers tune in every week to see Fox's character, Jack Shephard, lead a group of plane crash survivors on a mysterious and dangerous island.

Matthew says he can see why people are obsessed with the show. "Every week when people get done watching an episode of Lost, they have no idea what's going to happen next," says Fox. "And they can't wait to find out—that's what storytelling is about."
Matthew Fox at Lanikai Juice

Matthew Fox moved his family to the beautiful Hawaiian island of Oahu where Lost is filmed. One of his favorite spots is Lanikai Juice in the town of Kailua. "There's all this fresh fruit that they put out here every day," Fox says. "When you leave here, you feel like you're starting your day right."

Get the recipe for one of Matthew Fox's favorite smoothies, the Kailua Monkey.
Matthew Fox in Kualoa Valley

One of Matthew Fox's favorite places to unwind is the breathtaking Kualoa Valley. "I grew up in Wyoming and I grew up riding horses before I was able to walk," Matthew explains. "Being on a horse is one of the most freeing experiences. It reminds me of home. It reminds me of being a kid."
Matthew Fox on skinny-dipping

Matthew Fox bared all when he shared his favorite spot to hit the beach. "When you're in Hawaii, the water is spectacular," says Fox. "Yes, I do go nude—and I coax other people to go nude as well. I have a reputation of being a skinny-dipper. I own it!"

What's the skinny on Fox's secret pastime? "I'm just under the impression that when you go swimming in very warm climates at night with friends, you go naked…don't you? Maybe it's just me."
Matthew Fox at Hoku's

The final stop on Matthew's tropical island tour is the Kahala Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Fox says he and his wife enjoy fine dining at Hoku's, one of the hotel's restaurants. His favorite dish: the lamb chop. "It's definitely my favorite restaurant on the entire island," Fox says. "Everything is stellar."

The audience got a little taste of paradise, too, indulging in Hawaii's famous chocolate-covered macadamia nuts.
Usher shares his favorites

Five-time Grammy winner Usher gave us the low-down on one of his favorite places. "I love soul food," he says. "One of my favorite restaurants happens to be South City Kitchen in Atlanta, Georgia."

Usher jet sets to the Big Apple to dine at Cipriani's. And for dessert, he says the chocolate cake at Jean Georges can't be beat. The nice folks at Jean Georges restaurant sent pieces for every audience member!