Known as the rock 'n' roll florist, Jeff Leatham has made a name for himself with his unconventional style and bold designs. He's perhaps best known as the star of TLC's Flowers Uncut, but he's currently the artistic director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris.

When Jeff first got involved in flower arranging, he didn't even know it was something he liked doing. "I never wanted to work with flowers. I trained to be a model in L.A., ... [but eventually] I said, 'I have to either move back home to Utah or get a job.' So, luckily enough, I had a friend that worked at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles at the flower shop," he says. "I walked into that hotel and I saw it was like art. This is like walking into a museum, and they're creating something so special that I said, 'I have to be a part of this.'"

Jeff says his designs are inspired by both passion and color. "People often say to me: 'What do you do with your designs? Do you sketch?' I used to sketch a lot, but my sketches are real bad," he says. "It's better to kind of sit back and look at color and go from there."

If you're looking to send flowers to someone, Jeff suggests sending a bouquet without a vase and passing on arrangements of many different types of flowers. "Just say [to the florist], 'What's the most beautiful flower you have in your shop right now?' ... Just send a big bunch of the same type," he says. "It's really important, too, to really think clean, simple and chic."

Jeff says living out your dream job is about creating something that will make someone else stop in their tracks. "We're all so busy in the brouhaha of everyday life," he says. "If you stop a businessman in the lobby of a hotel or if you make something in a restaurant and they'll stop and say, 'That's amazing,' you've done your job."


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