There are some jobs that look so glamorous, they can hardly be thought of as work. Jenna Lyons, the executive creative director at J.Crew, has one of them. She's helped millions of people get dressed in the morning, including first lady Michelle Obama.

Jenna landed her first job at J.Crew when she was only 21 and has been flying up the ladder ever since. Today, she oversees a creative force of more than 100 designers and every aspect of the J.Crew kingdom. "I love going to work every day. I never sit on the edge of my bed and think, 'Oh, I don't want to do this today,'" Jenna says.

One of the most exciting moments of Jenna's career was seeing Michelle Obama appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in head-to-toe J.Crew. "The trailer came up and she comes up on the screen, and I could barely breathe."

Jenna lives by a few fashion rules she says everyone could benefit from following.
  • Make a statement with jewelry.
  • Balance feminine pieces with tomboy accents, like a military blazer.
  • Wear opposites. If you're wearing something tailored, sprinkle in some sequins.
  • Mix textures—pair tweed with silk, for example.
Scoring your dream job is about doing what you love, Jenna says. "You don't actually think about what time it is. I never look at the clock. I love what I do ,and I think I don't care about whether I've been there, you know, until 10 p.m.," she says "And do it 110 percent, whatever you do—whether it's getting the coffee, whether it's putting the finishing touches on that dress—do it 110 percent. The people you work with will notice, and that will be rewarded."


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