Andre Leon Talley

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Ever since Oprah went to her first couture show in Paris , she's been wanting to ask Andre one question…

Oprah: Is couture worth it?

Andre: It's worth it if you can afford it for the experience. For the experience of going to Paris the way you did and going to those parties. It's a whole package deal. You don't have to do it all the time. Once a lifetime. Twice a lifetime.

Oprah: I could have bought a home for what I bought the Chanel outfits for.

Andre: You could have put a child through college with a jacket alone.

Oprah: They were saying—when I was there—you know, is couture dead? And I'm, "Oh, no, couture is alive." And then I got the bill. When I got the bill I said, "I think couture is dying."