Andre Leon Talley

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Andre finally decided to make a change, and Anna Wintour suggested he go to Duke University's renowned Diet and Fitness Center.

"It's like reprogramming your mind about food," Andre says. "This is not a diet program. This is a lifestyle change." Andre says the classes at Duke opened his eyes. "I think I'm a very smart guy; I think I'm very sophisticated. But how dumb was I to have gotten to the age of 56 years old and not think about a calorie?

"I used to binge—I'd go home after a hard day—I'd go home at 11 at night, skip a meal, turn on the TV, look at The Golden Girls and eat a sleeve or two of Oreo cookies—and that would be dinner.

"I just didn't take care of myself. I was so busy giving so much energy to the world of style. I used to say—being very affected—I'd go around saying, 'Fruit is for children!' Now I try to eat fruit at least three times a day." By eating consciously and exercising several times a week, Andre plans to go down to 275 pounds, a good weight for his 6'6" frame. "My goal," Andre says, "is to keep the weight off, to lose more, and to just be able to get back into all my great clothes. That's my big goal."