It's an all new kind of Oprah Show!
They're three of the most outspoken, opinionated and sharp people on TV. The unpredictable Ali, "man's man" Mark and Gayle—who always has something to say about everything! They'll take on breaking news, top stories and all your burning questions. If you're talking about it…so are they!

Ali Wentworth Ali Wentworth
"I see the world with a sense of humor, always."
Actress, mother of two and wife to George Stephanopoulos, Ali is interested in everything from pop culture to politics—and anyone who knows her (or who's ever waited behind her in the car pool line) knows it. Whether she's chatting with friends or strangers, Ali's always cracking people up with her signature wit and smarts. You just never know what she'll say next!
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Mark Consuelos Mark Consuelos
"I'm an actor, I'm a dad, I'm the bus driver in the morning."
At his core, Mark is a "man's man"—an old-fashioned, traditionalist guy who likes to grill his kids about school and dating at the dinner table every night. However, 12 years of marriage to his outspoken wife (talk show host Kelly Ripa) have certainly taught him how to keep up with the ladies! You can always count on him for the unfiltered man's point of view.
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Gayle King Gayle King
"I figure if I'm thinking about it and I'm interested in it, somebody else is interested in it too."
You may know Gayle as Oprah's best friend, but what you may not know is that she's a radio show host, the editor-at-large of O, The Oprah Magazine , a mother of two and a self-admitted news junkie. She's interested in everything and everybody, and she's always got something to say about it!
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