Author Gary Zukav

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The key to understanding the current state of your relationship—whether it is or is not a spiritual partnership—is to look to your past. Gary suggests asking what your real intention was when you entered your relationship. "If what you're experiencing in the present is painful, you can look at what you did to create it," Gary says. "Once you make that connection, then you can begin to create differently by making different choices."

Gary says your intention is what makes all the difference in what your life will be like. "What gifts do you want to give to the world? What is your potential? Why are you on the Earth?" he says. "You have a reason—fulfill it."

Why should intention matter in your life? "Someone may want to make more money so they can buy a more impressive car so they can feel better about themselves. Or, we have a friend at home who works three jobs because his wife has a potentially life-threatening illness and he doesn't have health insurance. These are vastly different intentions," Gary says. "One is based in fear—the feeling of inadequacy and the need to impress others with a car, with a home. The other is based purely in love."