Fannie's family represents just one of the 4,000 families still living in FEMA trailers three years after Hurricane Katrina. Although Oprah says this makeover wasn't the most expensive she has seen Nate do, they both agree it was the most moving. "My producers, my team that was down there with me, the Lowe's team, everyone I think was really taken with this story," Nate says. "When I was in New Orleans the whole time, people were staying late and we were working around the clock."

"Be blessed in your new home, Fannie," Oprah says.

The Lowe’s team was responsible for the overall construction and management of the makeover of Fannie’s house. Thanks, too, to California Closets, who provided Fannie with the custom closets and the cabinets/shelves for her laundry room.

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