In high school, Paul McKerrow was the starting quarterback and valedictorian. His classmates voted him best looking and most likely to succeed, but today, some may not recognize Helena High's golden boy.

After many years of struggling with his gender identity, Paul decided to become a woman. The transition into Kimberly Reed, a lesbian filmmaker, began in San Francisco just a few years after Paul learned to throw the perfect spiral on Helena High's football field. Kim documents her journey to womanhood in her film Prodigal Sons.

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Before her transition, Kim was one of three sons in her family. When her parents, Lorne and Carol, thought they were unable to have children, they adopted a baby boy named Marc. Soon after, they were surprised to learn they were expecting. "The day they picked him up was probably the day they conceived me," Kim says.

A year later, along came another surprise...Paul and Marc's younger brother, Todd. "It looks like a fairytale childhood," she says. "But appearances can be deceiving."


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